Jewelry Care

  1. Is my GLOWGIRL jewelry 100% solid gold/white gold? All GLOWGIRL jewelry is 925. sterling silver, and 925. sterling silver with 18k gold plating dipped. A few of our jewelry pieces are stainless steel and stainless steel 18k gold plated. All of our jewelry pieces are high quality and long lasting with proper jewelry care. 
  2. Can I shower/swim/workout in my GLOWGIRL jewelry? We do not recommend showering, swimming, or working out in any GLOWGIRL jewelry, unless it is an anklet.
  3. So I can shower in my GLOWGIRL anklet, and it will last forever? False, you absolutely can shower, swim, and/or workout in your anklet if you would like to. If you decide to shower/swim/workout in your GLOWGIRL anklet it won’t tarnish but will lose its shine and durability over time after showering in it consistently. Showering in your anklet/anklets consistently for 6 months - 1 year without ever taking it off can ruin the shine and durability of your jewelry.
  4. Will my GLOWGIRL jewelry ever tarnish? The rate at which your jewelry will tarnish depends on the amount of exposure to heat, sweat, water, or perfume/body spray. We encourage you to keep your GLOWGIRL pieces hanging or in the packaging it came in to keep it free from water, dust, and other jewelry metals that could rub off and ruin your GLOWGIRL jewelry.
  5. How do I take care of my GLOWGIRL jewelry? We encourage you to keep your GLOWGIRL jewelry away from other cheaper types of jewelry. mixing metals/jewelry types can also cause your jewelry to tarnish. All jewelry pieces will include a pink cleaning cloth. wiping your jewelry with this cloth after wearing it and returning it back to its packaging is the best way to keep your jewelry glowing and looking beautiful.
  6. Does GLOWGIRL offer professional jewelry cleaning services? We absolutely do! If you would like your jewelry professionally cleaned by us. please email us your name, order #, and a photo of the piece of jewelry you would like cleaned to: for more information.